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Speaking of Bikes

1853 17 Julia first bikeI have told you J learned to ride on LI. David learned on the same street a little while later. At that point, we were a family who could ride. So… we rode together. The kids just never liked it that much. Still in later years David did a triathlon and J took off with Lisa’s old heavy bike to LA – retro is in. But for a while we would ride as a family.1890 34 Lisa Julia David bike

1853 27 Julia David Lisa bikeMost memorable – well close – we were parked under a tree and were swarmed by mosquitoes, truly a cloud, that sent us away in a hurry. Not this tree… but you get the idea.

Embarrassing Moment

2649 36 Bike see thru pants aWe were on a five borough bike tour of New York City. There were thousands of riders strung out all over. As we rode along a road near La Guardia airport… I snapped this shot from the rear while riding… and was immediately admonished by my spouse (it’s not her!!). Well, if you wear worn out clothes in public, it’s fair game. No names, just places. It’s not a nice thing. It is in the category of street photography. There was no intent to offend. But a word to the wise, watch what you wear and where you wear it.

AIDS Bike Ride

2376 36 Lisa AIDS ride

One summer we were all involved in a training program aimed at getting Lisa to and from Boston on the AIDS bike ride. It involved getting physically fit and raising the money to do the ride. I wasn’t inclined to join. It was her big adventure. She had never pushed herself to this physical limit. It was quite an achievement. She rode Boston to New York City in three days riding some pretty tough road. This isn’t her best picture. She’s swollen from the ride, yada yada. But the joy of accomplishment is all there.

Best friends

Best friends

First Bikes


Some people save things. When you live in an apartment, you don’t. Or at least we don’t. I would but since I’m not really the boss, you understand. So when the kids were a bit too tall for their first two wheelers, it was time to donate to Salvation Army. Sentimental that I am, I tried to advocate to save them and the answer was that when the kids had their own kids they would want to buy the grandkids a bike that they chose. Is that convoluted or what? Well, I think my wife’s correct again. Instead I have to settle for the memory. The kids didn’t seem to be having any separation problem. My wife made two trips with the bikes. I couldn’t do it. On the second a couple guys asked her and she donated the second bike to them for their kids. She then went back to Salvation Army to get the first bike back but they wouldn’t let her have it to give away. Go figure.


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