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IMG_0841This pair of fish moved in tandem. Brother sister, mating pair, I don’t know. We were at the decompression stop when I should be putting my gear away. But here was one more photo-op.IMG_0846

Black and White Nudibranch

IMG_0799This one is fairly common on the reef. It is not easy to see but you do run across them. The key again is to try to see the horns. If you don’t play with the wildlife then the scene and the background are determined by your subject.


IMG_0736No matter how you approach you are a big air bubble blowing thing swimming about. I’ve taken to not blowing too many bubbles. I avoid making too much sound. If you can pull this off, you get a head on shot without having to capture the fish. I’ve done that too if you saw me in a posts sometime ago. In this case I did not annoy the wildlife.IMG_0738


IMG_0717Common on the reef I dive, this colorful creature is always a good subject. It doesn’t move fast. The key to the image is the horns and rear tuft. The colorful coral formation was a plus. It takes a bit to set up the technical details of the exposure.


IMG_0709Really! You need a sharp eye. This guy is not easy to see. Another photographer pointed it out. The fish does not shy away. The trick is to get an image. Zooming the lens has disadvantages too.IMG_0709 a


IMG_0698This is described as a solitary fish on the reef. It is shy and hides as soon as you see it. Anytime I can get a shot … what’s hard to show is the mottled spots on its side. I would surprise one and then the chase. Patience is important. And then there is a little bit of luck involved. I love the two toned finish and the angles. Fish are supposed to soft and curved. This guy is built like a brick and colored to attract attention. IMG_0699

Cleaning Station

IMG_0683Wrasses are fish car washes. They hang about and clean fish going by. So it was interesting to see this one head into the gills of a passing goatfish.IMG_0739

Some days it is quite popular to get cleaned up.

IMG_0817It was intriguing to watch. The fish would pause long enough for the wrasse to work.

IMG_0827And then there might be a pause when the next fish arrived. Some fish are not so docile. I’ve seen the wrasse startle fish too.


IMG_0677This particular one is not common on the reef where I dive. Yellow black and white, it should be pretty distinctive too. But no it’s not easy to spot. It is tiny. So it’s easy to miss it. One of the senior divers spotted it. It is courtesy to point out subjects. Then it is on me to get an image. I did.IMG_0677 a

Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Want

IMG_0662Hey! I found this pair all by myself. Boxer shrimp are really best found at night. They come out from their place deep in the coral. It was daylight and the antennae reflected against the dark hole in the coral formation. Now to get a shot…no dice I couldn’t get close. I got my flash exposure and one image. There are two of them. It would have been a nice shot. It is one that got away. And no I did not disturb the wildlife. I did get a shot of a boxer shrimp on another night dive. So the adventure continues. The nice thing about coming here so many times is that the urgency to get a shot is tempered by the fact that things go in cycles. Eventually things will reveal themselves. Be patient.IMG_0761

Head To Head

IMG_0656My book says this fish is in the grouper family. Exactly, which is not clear. Does it really matter? The point here is to get a head shot – face on. This fish is particularly shy. It was under a coral formation looking at me look at it. But it did pause long enough for me to set up a flash shot. Then he was gone. But we had a head on encounter.


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