Word and Image


Photography: The story behind the image



MOMA. Spend a day in New York City. So many things to do, so little time. Eat. Walk around. Duck into the museum from the rain. Museum of Modern Art. Starry Night – Van Gogh, Christina’s World – Andrew Wyeth. There were many more. But these are pretty famous icons. We got to see them up close. There was a huge crowd surrounding Starry Night. The Wyeth was hanging in the hallway. It was cool to have seen them both. People were 10 deep around the Van Gogh taking selfies. The Wyeth was quietly passed in the hallway. So much art, an icon like this would be center stage. Here, it was relegated to the hallway. So much art, so little space.



We visited. The plan was to meet up with Jules later. The day was rainy. We walked midtown. Trump and his building were up Fifth Av. I did not care to be near the chaos. He was in town and demonstrators were in abundance. And, in the same walk (across town) was the Sullivan theater – Stephen Colbert, pundit and thorn in the side of POTUS. NY NY, it’s a helluva town!


It ain’t easy. Try to photograph a breaking wave and likely you will miss. Well, at least I do, more often than not. This activity is from some of the leftover hurricane activity. Nice breakers. Good high ones. Clean curl. I don’t surf. Still, I can appreciate a nice wave.


Show and Tell

Passing through Ocean City… there was a fast car convention. It wasn’t official. It wasn’t sanctioned. The police were out in force. The cars were just revving and zooming around in a circle. It was a social media gathering. Everyone who was in the know was privy to knowing to be there. There were a lot of loud mufflers. Cars were circling and spectators were relaxing by the roadside. I got caught in the middle of the traffic jam. The old family car hardly looked souped up. Look at the tiny flat tires. They are awful on the road. You get a flat tire every time you hit a pot hole. And the rims get bent…. Good luck guys.


We pulled up to feed kitties. There was a family of deer feeding just off the driveway. Beware! There are signs on the road outside: Managed Deer Hunt. Oh well. This poor family may be torn asunder. I wonder if it will be bumpstock and silencers that get them. 600 rounds a minute ought to do a whole lot of damage and kill a whole lotta shit. Yeah, the NRA has us dead to rights. Imagine? They are bucking the will of 90% of the people. Yes, I would say the buck stops there.


Built them. Me. It was another simple (learning) project. Ha ha, you can’t even see the wood (mistakes). We have a lot of cones of yarn. Projects line up. You can never have enough “stash.” Just ask any weaver. I’ve been to a few estate sales. There were tons of cones on sale for pennies on the dollar. I would have to say that the cones move from home to home circulating from weaver to weaver. Sometimes things are made… Anyway, there is a lot of stuff and an excellent color palette. And I hope some product is forthcoming. Meanwhile it’s nice to see color in the room. Oh! The cords are all up out of the reach of the cats.


I used to live at the crossroads of the world. Now I am at another crossroad. It seems that air traffic out of Reagan and Dulles and BWI and Phi all cross Delaware. The clouds move fast. They change like the weather. Wait a minute or so it will look different. Every once in a while, the jet trails cross over in a great pattern. Everyone is headed somewhere. There’s an app that lets you point your phone at the trail and it will tell you the flight and destination of the plane that made it. TMI, I just like the pattern. Simple.


Obviously, I don’t have legs like this. But it was about a year ago I left Jeddah. It seemed prudent. A suicide bomber went off in the parking lot across from the US Embassy. I won’t say that it is less secure now. After all this is fairly random in a city of 3 million or so. But I feel good that I am not part of the news. Not much happens at the beach except the occasional storm. That’s about my speed

Address Book

This address book stopped me in my tracks. Nostalgic! Oh boy. Le Madeleine – Proust. This is old. It’s old fashioned. It’s not in use any longer. Does anyone use anything but a smart phone? You move the tab to the “letter” and open the pad. It shows you the name address and info you wrote there. Not only is it for sale, but all the contacts are still inside. My mom had one. She filed my ‘Auntie’s” name under “A” for  “Aunt.” That worked fine for me. But, they were her sisters. So they weren’t her Aunties? Go figure. Nowadays we have caller ID. No one gets past unless I know who’s calling. Funny, I don’t get too many calls. All them “800” callers are SOL.

Americana. I guess that is what one can call this stuff. I’ve never seen an egg beater like this. Rarely. Occasionally. Sometimes. I’m glad I don’t collect rolling pins. They abound by the truckload. I’m looking for a beater like this. But it has to work (at the right price) . I’m still looking.

Carom boards are an older game. The boards are collectable. Notice the pegs. The ones for sale always have a missing peg. Just one. Not two. Just one missing peg.

I had this book. It was a favorite. I loved Peter Pan. It reminds me of another pop up book my mother purchased at Macy’s. It was Cinderella? Maybe Sleeping Beauty. I was opening the book as we crossed 34th St. The head of the heroine tore off. I just let it fall to the street. My mom was so disappointed. I was not. She made and taped a crayon-drawn head and life went on. What mattered and that I remember is her disappointment in my allowing the head to fall to the street without telling her. I would say that I had brain lock and it never occurred to me though I vividly remember the head tearing away. Sad. Read the inscription. Someone’s grandma once wrote “love” into this book. No. I took a picture. We did not buy it.