Word and Image


Photography: The story behind the image



You go to a yarn store… oops… a fiber store, and I take pics of the patterns and colors. It works for me.


Day Lily

This was in Chesapeake City, MD. It doesn’t’ matter where. But it was cool. Great display. They are native and grow wild in the northeast. They would be a weed, except people like them. You see them all over. I don’t have any yet. Soon. Hopefully they will take off and give my garden color someday.



Someone I know loves the smell of lavender. So, soap, tea, flavoring in chocolate, you name it, we have it or have tried it. Some you can eat, others you should not. We grow it and have harvested our own. Good stuff. It makes me smile. Too bad you can’t smell or taste in a blog post.

Push Me – Pull You

Since I cannot see any eyes, which is front and which is back?

Drinking Water

More cats. Ha, bet you’d like fish again? They play in the water. Yeah, I thought cats hate water but… They hang out and wait for me to drip the water. Then they drink, then they throw up, they don’t get along with chlorine. Bottled water! I don’t drink bottled water. They do.


And, if you’ve been paying attention, it’s Spice. She’s got less white on the end of her paws. Yes, I grew up with Paula and Margaret in grade school. They were identical and they dressed the same just to make it worse. Patch and Willow are identical too. I can’t tell them apart. But lately Patch has a scar to the left/right of his nose. And when that goes away, I won’t know one from the other, again.


Better Than Before

I’m restoring stuff now. I found a winder. It’s a winder I plan to use for silk cocoons. I thought so. However, there’s no simple way to remove the wound skein. This was probably for clothes line. It ain’t the same. I need the handle on the winder. Silk cocoons will wind off a mile of silk. Yeah, a mile! So, a handle would be very convenient. But I did not plan to wind it a mile back when I was done. Anyway I did make it look a lot spiffier.

Mint with Lemon


Blender fun. In Jeddah it was a popular (lemonade) drink with lots of mint. I discovered our blender and did the same. Somehow homemade is better. We have mint by the ton. So this summer should be a lot of fun. So far so good.

MC Convention

There was a gathering of motorcycles at the air museum the day I was there. Everyone was touring the planes. Then, they left. Just left. Quietly. It was a very civilized group with very nice shiny bikes. Which reminds me… I once operated upon a guy. Just before the operation he asked me if I rode. And I waxed over my spiffy Specialized cross trainer with two sets of brake levers on the handlebar. He listened patiently and then said, “I ride, a Harley, 1500 cc.” Ooops! That’s a bike! Not my kind, but a real bike. And… Eric rode. No license. On the day he went for and took the motorcycle test, he was riding home and a woman backing out of her driveway without looking struck him. He flew over her hood. He saw (but could not hear) her scream as he flew across. No serious injury except… as he flew over the handlebars his groin struck the instruments. You can imagine how that hurt. It was more painful then pride. Finally, one day in the ER… the cops brought in the mangled motorcycle helmet of a patient I was attending. There was a portion of guard rail through and through the helmet. They were so impressed. I was impressed that the guy’s head wasn’t still in the helmet. That would have been truly gory.

Air Force Two

It’s for the VP. The big difference is the com center. Commercial jets don’t have a seat devoted to national security coms. It’s got loads of first class size seating. And there is a back (economy) section for the press. It’s the same size as a commercial jet but it has a nicer kitchen and better service. This is a retired model. It’s not the Air Force One from the movie. There is a back door. You enter at the front and walk through to the back door. Neat. It wasn’t as much as I envisioned or imagined. …Ya still gotta put your pants on one leg at a time.


We got a couple on the dill and again on the fennel. I would say they have no eyes? Wrong, they have the ability to see light, but cannot see images. Butterflies see? Right? Cool shots! I wonder if it will be a colorful butterfly? This was my first try. The image is soft. I got better as opportunity came ’round again.