Word and Image


Photography: The story behind the image



Turkish. It’s a restaurant in Delaware. You probably won’t try it. So, I won’t bother to tell you an exact location. I have not missed Middle Eastern food since I left Jeddah. But… well, where is there a place for kabobs? Aha! The internet knows all. It was open and authentic…pretty much. It was like the place I liked in NYC so well. Family run and cordial, they have belly dancing once a month. It sounds like a plan. Kabobs were good. I had sigara borek which was spelled cigarette borek. Don’t worry if you have never had it. But it’s good and a staple. Falafel, that too, is standard stuff. It is a lot less expensive in Jeddah. But it’s a lot more of pain to get to Jeddah these days. Imagine that, authentic Turkish food in Delaware. The authentic Vietnamese, Asian fusion place, closed this winter. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t.

Do you know why you lost?


Clueless! 17% approved your Republican bill. That would be… among all Americans. Duh! Your own Republican majority failed to pass a bill they have pushed for seven straight years. Failure? Nope, it’s a Democratic plot to continue to foist Obamacare on the unsuspecting American voters. Better yet, Ben Carson, MD, the preeminent neurosurgeon and now cabinet member stated that he could implant an electrode in your brain and you would recite word for word from any book you read decades ago. Right! I’m a neurosurgeon too. It ain’t happening in his dreams. But maybe he should offer POTUS a quick fix. It ain’t hard. And Ivanka? Skiing in Aspen with her kids on break. Yeah, the kids are more important than 24 million Americans about to lose health care. I get it. (see first word here today)

If you believe I am gloating, please see the previous parenthetical phrase…

Do You Miss It?


Do you miss my fish stories? None since last September, I’m stretching for things. I used to talk about old pics, then current pics, and now it’s an eclectic mix of what’s around that triggers another yarn. I used to live in NYC too. There, you were in the midst of everything. Nowadays everything flies over me. See the contrails. I have to say that these days I do a lot of nothing and it fills my day. I don’t have time lately to work. I don’t miss the news either. If you just get the summary once a day, it’s more than enough. I watched CNN and MSNBC for the first time since the election. It’s not fake news but the announcer was actually arguing with one of his guests. When did we cross over from news to opinion? The hits keep coming. Trump 2: travel ban 0. It’s Christians in the coliseum again. Reality politics, stay tuned, blink and you will miss it. Not me.

Chicken Soup


It makes you better from whatever ails you. ‘Wish everything were so easy and straightforward. But it works. My version was made from my head, no recipe. I got back a pot made from a recipe. It all works. Everyone felt better.



There are ladies. Elle. Prim, proper, she stands aloof from the others in our house. She does not cavort nor unravel yarn. She’s loving on her terms. We are hers. She has the “it” factor. Yup… in charge.




I have to say that digital photography is fascinating. I keep my camera on the dashboard at the ready. And the camera shoots in the dark from a moving vehicle. And it focuses in fog which is ephemeral and has no sharp edge upon which to focus. I can’t say how this all comes about. I just aim and shoot in the general direction and get what I get. Of course, there is a bit more to having experience and having experimented in the past. But, it’s still one part savvy and ninety nine percent luck.


Please Rewind

While the cat’s away. Angels. Nope. While we sleep the cats play. They especially like the yarn. Which is to say, they love to unravel it. They hold a ball in their teeth and run about hither and yon. The unraveling is awesome to behold. You would laugh. I do. Yeah, I wind it up each morning. Fool that I am, we play our roles in the game. Do they know what they are doing? I think that I do. Foolish me.

Sunset Two Ways


Light at dusk changes so quickly. In a moment the mood shifts dramatically. And it never looks like this again. Sure, there’s a sunset everyday. But, it always will be different from today. I feel wistful. And I keep shooting each time I see a sunset.



I found some lichen. It was a macro photo op. I can’t shoot underwater. This is as close asit gets. Neat, I’ve never come across crimson lichen. My skill was up to the task.


But first I was interrupted by a group of curious kids. They were fascinated by a stranger in their playground. And more so they were curious about an Asian stranger in rural West Virginia. They came around and sat next to me and asked what I was doing. I answered and they all moved away to play. Curiosity was satisfied and I was no longer of interest. My fifteen seconds were done. What they will remember of the encounter I do not fathom. I have always been a stranger in a strange land.


Barns have a different life. They live on even though they look rundown. I’ve seen some in terrible shape. True. But often a barn is still in use despite its forlorn appearance. There are many a weathered board that is still in service and purposed. They make a quaint picture.