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Look close. Same headline – different day. It’s reality. No fake news. He’s indicted. Wake up. It’s a new day. You did not dream it. Spin it. Lie about it. Deny it… INDICTED. Big bold letters. History… will remember you as an orange buffoon. National embarrassment.

Another question

No, she is not on a cellphone call… Sarcophagus? Ok!? There was a room displaying the medieval art regarding sarcopaghus – sarcophoghi or sarcophaguses?

The question? Where did/how did the museum get them? Rob a cemetery? And where are the remains? Inside? Ok!? A lot more than one question….

So, the guide answered, somewhat bewildered and bit disdainfully – no remains! The sarcophagus was acquired when old families needed monies. Ok!? You’d sell out a relative? Anything is for sale at the right price?

Changing headlines

SSDD – same shit different day. Two headlines within the hour. Next…indictment, please!


Breaking news

I got a question


Most crucifixes show Jesus’ chest wound on his right side, which is opposite from the heart cavity. Do we know for certain where he was pierced, or is it a pious tradition that the spear entered his right side?


John the Evangelist tells us that Jesus’ side was pierced (John 19:32–35) but does not say which side. Crucifixes are artistic renderings, not exact reproductions, so the depiction of Christ’s chest wound on the right side may be artistic symbolism. In Scripture, those on Jesus’ right are the ones to be saved (Matt. 25:32–33) and they are saved by the blood that he shed for them (Matt. 26:28).

There is much crucifixion art depicting a chest wound on the right side of the body. Ummm… the heart is on the left… But in this instance, there is no real info. But everyone has agreed the wound was on the right. Symbolic? Whatever! It was agreed and everyone does it that way. Did they want to kill him twice?

In the presence of greatness

Would you believe… I was in the room all by myself… with greatness. I mean there are millions of people in NYC. There was no one else but me in this magical moment.

The Hunt for the Unicorn – a famous series of tapestries in the Cloisters – were mine for a few precious moments. Go figure!

Iconic! The rest of the day the room was always full of admiring tourists. I have seen these tapestries elsewhere displayed on loan but never in the original location within the Cloisters. Amazing! Breathtaking, it was a wish come true for Colleen. What a day!

Two birds

It seemed a waste to drive to NYC in a round trip of more than 500 miles without getting more from the drive than a long ride in the car. So, we arranged to visit a museum Colleen has been wanting to visit. The Cloisters, recently affiliated with the Met (six years). It made it a lot less lonely than a solitary drive. She smiled the whole time we were inside the museum.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive? … bathroom.


Oh boy! Six dead. School shooting … thoughts and prayers.

Meanwhile, the Congressional representative for the district where the school is located published his Christmas card this past year. Oh fun! Some days you just can’t make this shit up.

Happy ending

It’s a lot of pieces that had to fall perfectly into place…. A five hundred mile plus driving day some of it in a driving rain!

I should not have answered the phone… Covid! It culminated in dinner in an old haunt on Staten Island with an old friend.

Long story? Short! The kid got Covid. He only had the sniffles. An abundance of caution later and he was ++. Isolated in a nearby hotel, he now needed a ride to the airport for his flight home – spring break. I am not close by. … a trip to the museum, the pick up, and the drop off. 500+ miles later we were home. We made lemons/lemonade by having dinner on the way home. Ginny and I have been friends for too many years to honestly say…. So I won’t. The food? No! … the company of friends. not the food. Priceless!

Dinner at five

No constraint. No restriction…?! Oh boy!

Are there any straight meat and potatoes people? Vegetarian. Diet. And so on and on….

Two entrees – beef stew and vegetable stew… two noodles too. Two desserts. There has to be a cake for a birthday party. And a fruit tart for the diet conscious. At least the birthday girl put on the tiara without too much squawk. It was a good meal. No one went away hungry. The big lesson for me is that I am learning to cook with portion control…. Not too many leftovers.