Word and Image


Photography: The story behind the image




How do you plan for this? Serendipity, fortuitous, right place right time. You bet!!! I was taking pictures of the snap dragons when this bumble bee flew into my picture. Yes! He flew in. I shot and shot. This is what I got. Rhymes? Can you believe this? It was completely by luck. I would tell you not. I have lots of bees on flowers. But, no bees in mid-flight. That’s hard to do. Trust me. I got all excited…still am.




Here’s another secret. Look into her eyes. It works with romance? But in baby photography there are so many times you get a picture and the subject is not looking at the lens. Easy. Just put your lens in front of her eyes. Duh! Anyway, it’s a fairly straightforward. If the kid won’t look at you, it doesn’t matter. Just hold the camera and lens in front of the eyes. Did I say that Auto-focus will do the job for you. So, look in her eyes.



Not the kid… but sometimes the shot is so disappointing. And I took so many (almost 2000). But the auto focus does you in sometimes. Many decades ago, I used manual focus till the auto focus system was invented. Focus on the eyes. Unless you are focused dead on to the eyes, it’s a failure. So, I should not be posting this image. It’s just so close. It’s a cute image to be sure. Just focus on cute!


These new generation of bridges use a different looking suspension system. Some architect made it work and it is the only new type of bridge built that I see nowadays. I first saw one in Maine. It was so picturesque and impressive. Then there are a few when I drive north in Delaware. New York builds bridges and has been engaged in some major bridge projects. This created monumental traffic jams. The Kosciusko bridge jam is legendary. Before and during, there’s never been a time we passed that we didn’t sit in traffic. But I have digressed. These new style bridges, they are just the best photo ops!


We need a flying baby. Noa lives in California. So if Hollywood calls? And? Well, I have been cautioned and admonished! It’s funny because Jules mutters, “Keep her alive. Stay alive,” all the while I’m holding her up in the air? It makes sense. But I only dropped her (Jules) once! Right! Just once. I couldn’t lie my way out. She got a big black eye for/from it. Dave only dropped once too. He broke his collarbone. Umm, what was that about flying?

No harm


Jules had two favorite stuff animals. They survived her childhood. As far as I know they were only washed once. And that was the only two times I saw Maxie white. Bear Bear was given to her by my brother John. At least that’s the story and I prefer to stick to the version Jules provided. No babies were harmed in the making of these images. Can you imagine the nostalgia? Mom’s very own childhood stuffed animals. Eventually there were too many to count. No more! And, so I gave Jules one more. It was an aye aye, so hideously ugly it was lovable. Poor Jules! What a dilemma. Love it or leave it. I don’t know what happened to it. I wonder if that aye aye made it?



If you take as many images as I did, you get silly after a while. We got a keeper. Now have some fun.


Okay! Now for something completely different. There was a magical Thanksgiving dinner when I was working in Maine. We had just sat down to dinner when a group of wild turkeys strolled past our window in plain view. Ummm, that would be a fitting argument to become vegetarian. However, I have only seen male turkeys rarely and never fanning their tails. Wow! Do you believe this? … in the back yard. … just for me!

Finger size


When Jules was born I marveled at how small she was. At that time her arm to her elbow would fit into my mouth. Ok! Disgusting! But it’s true. No gross stuff this time around. But Noa’s arm was about the size of my index finger… ok ok, not quite. But, this isn’t horseshoes? Or, was it the other way ‘round? … must be jam ‘cause jelly don’t shake.

Pot luck


They let me out of school! I saw Noa for the first time. Finally! Well, you know me. It was embarrassing. And Jules knows me. She was giggling the whole time I was shooting. … close to 2000 images. Hey! It’s digital. I never could’ve done this when my kids were infants. So many shots in so little time. But, for sure, I got a few in focus… Pick one? Yeah, right!

_DSC4258So, pick one? Random. It’s a potpourri of great images. One image randomly spun out. (See above. Duh!) And the very last image of the visit… how telling!!. … and to think we are going to visit Noa for a week soon.  …Susan would be proud.

Straight from the phone


Soph and Claire are the dynamic pair of dancers who’ve been at it since about the time… they were knee high to … could walk. Claire is in her adolescent growth spurt. She’s destined to be taller than any of the rest of us. I’ve been looking at a lot of iPhone pics over the years, as you may imagine. Priceless! Jess, you outdid yourself this time! Outstanding!