Word and Image


Serendipidty! I shot this on a trip to Argentina to visit my son who had been working in Buenos Aires for nearly a year. His mother missed him very much and I was along for the photo ops. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been allowed to stay in the family. It was an overnight flight from New York to Santiago, Chile. At dawn, the fog was just lifting and I shot this from the window of the jet. For all the fun, my family makes of me just randomly clicking the shutter of my camera, I did in fact get this stunning shot. My wife even said she would hang it. And yes, I shot randomly before digital. So imagine, how wild I’ve been since I got my first Nikon 70. Anyway, there was a bit of cropping to get the window out of the frame. Overall it was a very nice panoramic. By the way, we stayed in transit in the airport lounge and there was ample evidence of damage from the not too recent earthquake.

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