Word and Image

Haystacks and Storm Clouds

For travel photography, this is an iconic photo for me. We, that is Lisa and I, were traveling in Italy. I could be wrong about the location but that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Anyway, if I had my way we would be stopping every 50 feet to photograph something or other. And we would wait about 10 minutes while whatever stray element left the scene so I could get a pristine unencumbered shot. You get the picture, eh. So of course we were always tearing along the highway from one town to another. And, there was no way I could justify stopping again. So, with my point and shoot Olympus set on infinity, I just stuck the camera out the side of the driver’s side window as I drove at about 60 miles an hour. There was no way this shot should have come out. There should have been blur to beat the band. For heavens sake even the horizon was straight, In fact with all the scans I have made of this slide, they all are grainy and I can only enlarge to about 5X7. Still, what a shot it was. I wish I had known. We would have stopped to record this scene properly. Luck, serendipity, …whatever. I still keep in mind that you won’t have an image if your camera is not at hand. For the kids… don’t drive and photograph.

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