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Dawn in the valley, Maine

This is paired with my puffin tales. This was my first failed trip from Lewiston to Machias. I left at the calculated time to arrive at the boat dock before departure. That would be 3AM. Arriving in Bangor and exiting the highway, I was blasted by a the glare of flashing state police lights. A stocky female office in bulletproof vest inquired where I was headed in such haste. She dubiously checked me as I explained my desire to get to the boat on time. Furthermore, I was thinking who else would be out in the middle of nowhere at this hour. At that very moment from out of nowhere, a couple passed us on the roadside, walking casually as though it were midday. The officer let me go with a warning. Well, after the exit there are empty roads across to the coast. At about 4:30AM, moving along at about 55 mph, I glanced to the side and saw the light in the valley with the hint of dawn. Fog lay in the lower parts. This picture just presented itself. I stopped to get this shot. No tripod. I didn’t have one with me. Once again I let the camera do its magic. I used program mode and let the ISO run: setting 1/6 sec, f3.5, ISO 1600. This shot turned out to be the shot of the day. I never got to see the puffins well on this trip. But, I still came away with a good shot. And, I regret that I took the boat ride. I was seasick in the swells and chummed before the trip was complete. Gosh, I hate throwing up.

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