Word and Image

Haystack, Runaround Pond

Ok. Another driving tale… It’s a summer evening just before dark – around 8:30PM. I’m on the road home near Runaround Pond in Durham, Maine. The pond was a favorite meditative spot for me. Julia’s been there. And no, I don’t meditate much. But, I did like to pull up my camp chair and read when work was slow. I love haystacks. And the evening light with the fog just settling, everything  was perfect. I knew I would have a keeper of a picture here. Mostly, driving around on the back roads, I would just roll down the car window, poke the camera out, and fire off my shots. This evening, I got out of the car. The camera was amazing and compensated for the low light and white balance. Unfortunately, without a tripod the focus was soft. But I think it works for this image with fog. It seems a bit more ethereal. The back story here is about the mosquitoes. Evening, humid, warm, and with the right conditions, the mosquitoes were out in force. They surrounded me like a cloud in seconds. I quickly retreated to the car but they got in as I opened the door. All the way home I swatted at real and imaginary bugs. I hate mosquito bites.

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