Word and Image

Wedding Dress

My shyness will forever keep this image a mystery. I’m driving. Again! Anyway, I’m headed on the road over to Rockland, Maine to visit some friends. There on the side of the road over a field is a barn set back on a hill. In the doorway is this still life. Well, I missed it the first time and didn’t get the shot. The next couple times I drove by and didn’t see this scene again. Finally, after another county fair, I drove back along the road. I don’t like to go too slowly. It’s the old exhortation of Lisa urging me not to dawdle. There it was, the dress. Lit by incandescent bulbs from above, in the middle of nowhere, showing in a barn door, no sign of a business, or a store, or a parking lot, this was just so incongruous to me. Maybe it’s not a wedding dress? Right after I snapped the image and was driving off, a farmer in coveralls and with a broom in hand appeared in the doorway, gazing over to me with a quizzical look. I guess we were both puzzled. I should have stopped to find out what this still life was about. But, the mystery is delicious.

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