Word and Image


Serengeti. Even for our guide, seeing a rhino is not common. We had some false starts, but early one morning we drove across the plain, bumping up and down at breakneck speed to investigate a dot on the horizon. it turned out to be the rhino in this photo. We did not approach too closely. But we were still in range with my super duper telephoto lens. This rhino tolerated us and didn’t break his pattern of grazing. When he ran off it was faster than we could follow. This was a most special day. The ‘big five’ – elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, lion, and leopard – are so named because they are the most difficult to hunt on foot. The term has been adopted by tourists. In the course of one day I shot all five. Photo, not gun, and, I daresay quite a neat piece of luck. Who’d have guessed when we started out in the early morning, that the day would be so memorable.?

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