Word and Image


Serengeti. I’m told the lions are lazy. They don’t make any effort whatsoever to chase down and eat tourists. The camp in which we stayed had a fresh kill from a lion the night before. It wasn’t more than a short walk to the tents. So, there were armed escorts after dark. Another story and picture I saw was of a lion chewing on the bumper of a Land Cruiser. As long as you don’t disembark, lions associate you with the vehicle and don’t attack people. Henceforth, our guide approached these lions close enough so that I could almost touch them with an outstretched leg. Of course, I didn’t do this. What’s interesting? The male who had lain about listless and asleep suddenly rose. Then lifting his tail proceeded to spray this female. Marking territory or possession? The female was suitably disgusted and moved off. All this occurred in slow motion and without any snarling or fighting.

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