Word and Image

Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego

We were delayed in arriving in Tierra del Fuego. As a result we made up for a missed cruise by booking a private boat to take us to the Beagle Channel. You only go ‘round once, eh? When you think of it, it’s also because it’s at the end of the earth and you won’t be coming this way soon again. I’m glad we went. The crew was very solicitous and they let David and Lisa drive the boat. They put David in a pirate wig and sunglasses. He loved it. David also sat at the front and let the cold salt spray cover him. Kids! The hot chocolate was very welcome. Many islands in the channel were homes to birds and seals. These are imperial cormorants. Beagle Channel was named after the ship HMS Beagle, which had Charles Darwin among its passengers. It is one of three waterways between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the southern hemisphere. I very much like the male and female seals posing as king and queen over their domain.

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