Word and Image

Le Recoleta, Buenos Aires

It’s Good Friday. Lisa had just recovered from dengue fever symptoms. We still don’t know for sure if that was the diagnosis. There were warning signs for dengue fever all over the airport when we landed in Buenos Aires. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. David had been ‘under the weather’ – low grade fever, malaise. No one had spoken too much the past two days. But now that they were mending, they decided to visit the large central cemetery, Le Recoleta. Eva Peron, ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,’ is buried there. Her tomb had many visitors and flowers. Wandering the pathways this image just appeared. Many of the mausoleums are in severe disrepair. Others are maintained and have glass enclosures to protect the contents and allow visitors to view the interiors. This stained glass window juxtaposed with the gray tombs and skyline. I credit Lisa with visualizing the image that I captured. By the way, it was warm and humid. The pathways were filled with pursuing mosquitoes. We never tarried long.

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