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River Seine, Paris

March 1998 on the River Seine. It was spring break and we traveled with another family to visit Paris. We were on a boat ride near dusk. I shot this photo of the bridges. Little did I know that the film would capture the painted standing in the twilight and that exposure would light his canvas. I have scanned this slide and processed it in photoshop and lightroom for the best rendition. I always kept the original in case my technique improves. I still am pleased at how the image shows painting and painter on that bridge. I was lucky to capture this shot from a moving boat in low light.

Angelina, Paris

I have often spoken of a dessert that we had at Angelina’s in Paris. Debbie found it in the guidebook and there we were one fine chilly afternoon. David, of course is jumping. Julia and Lisa are in silhouette. I know the photo is slightly out of focus but you can make out the shop. They serve dessert and tea. The dessert of which I reminisce is mont blanc. It’s complicated. But, my mother loved chestnuts. I spent a lot of time peeling them as a kid. The mont blanc was heavenly. It was a meringue-covered delicacy filled with chestnut puree. I still think of it.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway. In the summer of 2000, a colleague, Harald Fodstadt asked if I would attend his 65th birthday party. My reply was, “I’d be delighted Harald. Anything for you.” He lived in Manhattan at the time but his response was, “Great! It’s in Norway in September.” So there I was on a plane to Norway in September 2000. Harald had a house in Unset in the north. Arriving at about 8AM I approached the Hertz rental counter and afterward asked for directions thinking Unset was a city. The agent said turn right and drive north. My first realization, that Norway was quaint, was upon exiting the airport and discovering the road was two ways and not divided. Unset was indeed to the north about seven hours drive. The back of the entering sign read leaving Unset. There was a single store that was closed by 5PM. I followed a passing bus and figured it would bring me to town. Alas the driver went 200 yards up the road and parked at his house. A motorist who spoke Norwegian finally understood and escorted me to Harald’s house. What an adventure! After leaving Unset, I drove to the coast to Bergen to explore the fiords. At dawn the fog had not yet lifted over the picturesque harbor.

Wildflowers, Norway

Naturally I did a lot of driving. The countryside was beautiful. I came across this field of wildflowers. The house is typical of the area and is set alone against the mountains.

Mountain Houses and Fiord, Norway

The terrain is foreboding. It looks like civilization is wrested from nature. Driving along the fiords I could see many towns with their colorful palette of walls and similar architechture. You can see snow already in the mountains above.

Haystacks, Norway

Driving south from Unset I returned to this hay field that I had seen when I came from Oslo. I’m glad I went out of my way. Each region has its own style and I found this stacking to be worth a picture.