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Archive for September 26, 2011


Still life. I saw this image as I walked past the kitchen counter. Lisa had stacked the tomatoes against the backsplash. I never see her do this. The early morning light was stormy and indirect. I had bought the pear a few days before and was waiting for it to ripen. Neither tripod, nor flash, nor photoshop was used. The only things harmed in this picture were the fruits, which were eaten after the photo was taken. It’s too bad because I could have done this shot better. One discarded image had the five tomatoes draped around the tomato like the fingers of a hand. The pear was out of focus. I let the camera rest on the marble countertop because it was a slow shutter. I could have dialed up the ISO but didn’t. What’s neat is the texture of the marble was not really seen in the reflection of the fruit. I like the oblique angle. It’s an image that makes one pause to look closer. I’m waiting for another stacking to shoot this better. Maybe it will become a series.