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Martin’s Store, Highgate Springs

Each summer when we traveled to the Tyler Place in Vermont, we would see Martin’s store as we pulled onto the road departing the resort. And as I recall, many a Saturday departure was accompanied by rain. This was perfect since we were leaving. It’s very rural. We had little need to purchase any goods since the Tyler Place is all-inclusive. But they do have things like beef jerky and Spam… a whole ‘nother story. This day in the pouring rain, the old Chevy makes the photo timeless.

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  1. Linda Buckley

    For over 20 years we spent a summer week at the Tyler Place–with children and then our grandson. Martin’s Store was always our first stop after checking in at the Inn. The first year we held our 3 yr old’s hand crossing Rt 7.
    Distracted by the friendly felines he took forever picking out a treat–sunglasses, a whistle, paper airplanes. I was intrigued by a small poster in the window advertising a Grateful Dead concert at the Highgate Airport. I asked the storekeeper if this was a tribute band. ” Oh no, it’s them.
    Not to thrilled about it”. It was the week after our stay but I read that it was quite the event with no major problems. It may be the only time an interstate highway, I-89, was made one-way before and after the concert.

    Fast forward a few years. Two months before our vacation, that’s when we always started the countdown, our son asked if he could please go to Martin’s by himself. Since the Tyler Place is all about encouraging kids to grow a little each we gave our OK. He was so excited to show us his bag of treasures, all for a dollar.
    By the next year he and his buddies were biking over. Worms were now the first item on his list. Yes, Nature Dave had turned all the kids into fishermen and of course we needed worms some extra practice in the afternoons. We got used to having worms in our refrigerator.

    Thanks for posting this picture. And, you are so right–a little rain always made goodbyes a little easier!

    August 21, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    • Wow, you went a lot of years. Great memories, huh? We, too, had some very memorable summers. My son started as a toddler and used to nap at lunch right where he was in the midget house. The other kids stepped across him as he was passed out. We and three other couples remain fast friend after 25 years. It’s pretty amazing to say that we meet up a few times a year. The kids are grown and they all have grandkids. It was a bond to spend a week together for so many years. If you go to the web site, it’s a bit different. I wonder if any of our kids will bring theirs to summer on the lake. All the best.

      August 21, 2012 at 2:49 pm

  2. Mike Ewald Dunham

    Wow! When we use to stay with my grandparents summer place at Camp Randolph I use to walk to Martin’s store. I use to stock up on candy. As you know you are way up there in Vermont so nearest place would be Swanton. My grandfather had a boat and use to go fishing all the time on Lake Champlain. His summer house overlooked the lake. What memories or we all kids would jump in a car and go swimming in a pool at a local motel.

    March 13, 2020 at 8:30 am

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