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Archive for October 9, 2011

Hot Air Balloon

This is my first shot at hot air ballooning. Lisa gets the credit for taking us to the Long Island air show at Brookhaven airport. She had acquired a vicious case of poison ivy. How bad? She was dipping her affected arms in the barrels of iced sodas. Balloon launches are in the evening and early morning when the winds are more favorably calm. The blast of flaming hot gas is necessary to fill the balloons. It is all the more impressive that everything nearby is so flammable.


There’s a lot of action in this shot. I attended a bull riding competition and wasn’t disappointed. Once again this was an advertised county fair event in Maine. A small high fenced ring is set up and a group of very docile appearing bulls were standing and munching on bales of hay. I looked around and didn’t see any fearsome bad tempered bulls waiting to throw their riders. If you’ll notice there is a strap hanging from the bull’s hind quarters. As the gate is opened and the rider and bull are released into the ring, the strap is tugged painfully. This will draw a reaction of surprise and rage every time. I won’t say what part of the bull the strap is attached but you can easily guess. It’s why they call it bull riding. Is it better than bull fighting?