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Archive for October 15, 2011

Rorschach Fall Reflection

Rorschach Test. Ashburnham, Massachusetts. In response to some comments on Runaround Pond, I posted this photo. Some years ago we visited Alex and Maryanne at their home. The lake was still in the early morning. The water reflection of the leaves was almost perfect. This was a slide capture. Turning the slide on its side I got a real abstraction. Otherwise the vertical capture is not as riveting. I could also tweak this in photoshop but the overall abstraction does not require perfection.

Pemaquid Lighthouse

I like this spot. It is a bit out of the way. You need to keep an eye on the map and travel down a peninsula to the end. The lighthouse sits up on a bluff. There is a long rock ledge that leads down to the sea. It’s popular so there are always folks climbing around. Photos are taken from every angle. Once again, I suspect that most people miss the reflection in the pools that collect. When the wind is calm it is always nice to catch the reflections. It is very helpful to enhance the contrast with a polarizing lens filter.