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Reflection Redux

This post follows up on the post of 9/26/11 in which tomatoes play the central role. My wife bought oranges yesterday. I can tell you that they don’t stack easily and I insisted on stacking them away from the wall of the kitchen counter. The slide show illustrates an early effort to balance an orange. With more time, a bit of motion blur might be fun to experiment with, as the orange tumbles off the other two.


Way off topic

There are things that you just can’t make up. The following email was sent to the New York Times. It is not easy to submit a complaint to Google or to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Google directed me to our government. I was completely dismayed to find this official looking NY State website (read the fine print) trying to sell me car insurance. The slideshow will give you screen shots of my search results. David says that the site perfectly draws you into their advertising and gets listed at the top of Google search, the dream goal of all marketing.  Good for advertisers, not the consumer! Or, do people just not pay attention?



Grand Manan Island sits off the coast of Maine. We were on our memorable bike tour through Maine that began in Lubec. Riding on the ferry, I saw this most beautiful girl. At least at the time she seemed that way. Her skin was so clear. It’s been more than twenty years since that trip. I wonder…. Anyway, this is one of my first attempts at street photography, albeit on a boat. With slide film and with or without autofocus, this is not an easy shot to just grab. Still, I was fortunate. Nowadays, one simply lifts the camera to hip level and presses the shutter release. The camera is set to autofocus and auto-exposure. The main issue is in holding the camera level. Go wide angle and crop later. Or sometimes, the angled horizon give the photo a bit of an edge.