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Occupy St Louis

While I was in St Louis this past weekend, right behind the statehouse, in a park celebrating the Cardinals baseball team in the World Series, lo and behold, Occupy St Louis. It was a much smaller gathering than New York. But they were just as earnest and committed. I read that there are protests now organized in many other cities. In fact I passed one off US-84 in Hartford Ct recently.



Occupy Wall St

I have posted the gallery to my other blog site. I have a lot of hope for this movement. It is a grass roots effort to change the way business is done in America. No longer can the politicians say that they speak for the “American people.” Don’t they understand that, “We speak for ourselves.” I have never been fond of anyone telling me what I think. Perhaps it’s time that they (politicians) listen and respond, “I hear what you’re are saying.” Today’s New York Times has a graphic/poll that indicates 84% of the US disapproves of Congress’s work. Look at the faces, they are indeed the 99%, a true cross cultural diversity. Congress would be fired if the means existed.



St Louis Arch


This is a pretty classic shot of the St Louis Gateway Arch. I have seen it lit up at night and that is impressive as well. Everyone who visits stand beneath the Arch where an effective photo is near to impossible. Wide angle lenses cannot take in the whole view or they distort things. I am happy enough to have driven around behind the statehouse. I would have gone by this shot never seeing it in the rear view mirror had it not been for the red tinted fountain in honor of the Cardinals being in the World Series. Go Cards! In the gallery you will find the outtakes. These are good images that show a different perspective yet again and make my argument that you don’t need to see the whole arch to know it’s there.

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Lobster Shack

Bailey’s Island, Maine. There is a lobster shack off the side of the road. It is the only road in and out so you can’t miss this shack. The shack sits partly over the water. There is no shoulder on the road. So you have to make it a point to stop somewhere before or afterward. Lobster buoys are unique to each fisherman, like a license plate. When there is a storm or for many other reasons, buoys are lost. Here is a collection. I have never seen anyone around or about the shack. I have other images in fog. I never tire of taking pictures in all weather conditions. My belief is that someone kindly made this photo op to attract tourists passing by. It works.