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Wedding, Bear Mountain

How’s this for an abrupt change of subject, which my family accuses me about doing for years? In mid sentence an idea will cause me to switch the conversation. The confusion that follows frustrates me because isn’t it obvious that my wife/family can read my mind. She says she does (read my {empty} mind) all the time. Maybe it’s the other way around? Well, see the post of 10/29 to get my meaning. Even better the posts’ order cannot be altered. Well, the last place I expected to encounter a wedding party was at Bear Montain top. When you think about it, this is really not so unusual. It’s just that among the rocks and in the stiff breeze, there is so much that can go bad. I got to photograph this party. Hey, I think my view and perspective were better than the hired photographer. But that’s just my opinion. Go ahead and hire me for your wedding and I’ll blow it. By the way, I was there for fall leaves and color. But, these were the best shots of the day. See my other blog for more pictures of the day.

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