Word and Image

Naked Cowboy

Times Square, New York. There has been a man, tourist attraction of sorts, tolerated by the local authorities, who acts as a goodwill ambassador for tourists who seek a quintessential NY souvenir. All it costs is a tip to have your photo taken with the Naked Cowboy. I have seen him in a driving snowstorm letting winter clad women hug him as they pose beside him. Chilling, but true! He’s changed. The original, I assume so, because he had been the only one that I knew, is gone and new Naked Cowboy stands in Times Square. Not really naked of course, because how else could he advertise except on his BVD”s. Maybe the original cowboy sold him the franchise? So, Hurricane Irene, there he is in Times Square doing his business as usual. And the tourists are loving it. I’m not sure if he actually plays, or knows how to play the guitar. It’s a convenient prop to collect the tips. Where else?

Technical: I like this photo for the low level of view. I set up in wide angle and hold the camera about 6” to 1 foot off the ground pointed upward. You may have to try a couple of times. But, hey, it’s digital. The angle on the image, non-level horizon, sometimes also, makes the image more dynamic.

More at Imaged Event (see sidebar).

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