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Flying in a Helicopter

I am coordinating today’s post with my other blogs and will talk about helicopters there also. (see the sidebar Blogroll for locations.)

I have a close friend, named Charlie. He is a former NYPD officer, police helicopter pilot, airline pilot for American Airlines, and  current Bell 47 helicopter pilot/owner. He calls it his ‘ship.’ Indeed, he spends a ton to keep it in top shape. This is the same model MASH helicopter of Korean War and ‘Hawkeye Pierce’ TV fame. I am planning to post some images of Marathon Sunday and NYC’s skyline in my other blogs. The shots on this post were made on slide film. Iconic images, the World Trade Center, and Statue of Liberty are known everywhere. The Verrazano Bridge is the world’s eighth longest bridge and longest in the US. I have been indeed fortunate to fulfill a dream to fly over New York City. The large bubble gives you a panoramic view. And, Charlie sometimes flies with the doors off so that the tinted glass doesn’t throw off the color balance. Any trip in the helicopter, bubble glass or not, is special. In the bridge shot you can see there are raindrops. It’s breezy, noisy, chilly, and relatively slow with a headwind. I have flown in and out of all of the NY airports on passenger jets with my nose pressed to the window to glimpse the city. There is nothing finer than being in a Bell 47 helicopter.

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The internet is a wonderful tool. I think this is a common pheasant. Anyway, that’s what matches up on the internet search. This shot from the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray was taken of the birds in captivity. The park takes care of injured animals, many of whom cannot be returned safely to the wild. It was a great opportunity to catch the rich coloration.