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Up In A Hot Air Balloon

I discuss hot balloons in my other post. (see Blog Roll: ImagedEvent)

I respond in this post to a comment about dangers of flying in a helicopter. The story expands in the gallery of my other blog. The primary slide in this sequence is the early preparation. Balloons have to be filled with some very hot gas. Fortunately I have not seen any accidents. Then you go up into the air with no way to steer except by the direction and whim of the prevailing winds. The launch is determined by the winds, which really can’t be much more than a breeze, less than 10mph. Otherwise there is danger in flight control and landing problems. What comes to mind in the second photo is Dorothy in the ‘Wizard of Oz.’ After the balloon goes up….



This butterfly looks like a monarch (swallowtail-see comment), but the coloration is not bright orange, so I’m not sure. It was posing on the flower bush in my brother’s front yard. We were there for my nephews’ birthday. Usually butterflies are not so accommodating. But this one posed until I had shot every angle. Unfortunately there was a chunk lost from one of its wings not seen on this view.