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Archive for November 11, 2011


Detroit. I had the opportunity to shoot this image as I took off from the Detroit airport. The clouds and sunset were pretty spectacular that evening. The image that I regret I missed was on another flight to somewhere. I had been asleep. Opening my eyes, from the middle seat position, I saw two thunderclouds sticking up from a continuous layer of cumulus clouds. In bright sunlight these clouds were hundreds of feet high. My description doesn’t do them justice and my regret is not reaching for my camera. I have never seen a cloud formation to match since then.

Flag Counter

I found this Flag Counter widget on Galen Leeds’ site. I added it to my blog page footer last week. Since the internet knows everything, I suppose this is not too hard a task. I have seen where GPS location can track mobile devices. My internet searches are followed by banner ads in my email for similar products to those I looked at moments before. My employer uses the electronic swipe information in the parking garage to track my time in and out. (This part is easy: Some days you don’t swipe in. Don’t ask.) It’s a small wonder that the turnpike doesn’t issue speeding summons, because ‘it is not possible to go from one toll to another if you didn’t speed.’ And, on the days that traffic is severe, we should be paid for time sitting idle. They could track that too.

Since I started using the Flag Counter, this is where some of the visitors have originated. To get the widget, just click on the counter. It will tell you how to get the source code. Don’t get worried. Just copy the programming code into a text box widget and then save. Your flag counter will appear where ever you place the text box. I like it on the bottom.