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Hong Kong Phone Booth

This is a very long post in which the story is summarized in a picture that doesn’t do justice to the drama. After all, when is a telephone booth dramatic. They are almost all gone anyway.

Back in 1997, I traveled to Hong Kong and China for a business trip. It was ostensibly to give some talks at my partner’s medical school in Guangzhou, China. So we were there at New Year’s ( American, January 1). I landed in Hong Kong after a sixteen hour flight from New York via Tokyo.

That was pretty interesting. The jet doors closed and the pilot said, “Next stop, Tokyo in 16 hours.” Had I read my itinerary wrong? Nope. Sixteen straight hours in an aisle seat and I did it without an iPod or any other digital device for entertainment. Imagine that! The guy in the middle must have been sedated. He got up once, maybe twice, tops, and otherwise was unconscious the rest of the time.

I reached my hotel after walking a couple blocks with my suitcase. The taxi driver was lost and left me to wander the last blocks on foot. It was toward midnight on a Saturday as I recall. I wanted to call home and report my safe arrival. (more…)