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Amelia’s descendents

My daughter had a window box for flowers in her bedroom on the fifth floor in bright sunlight. (quite a string of prepositions) Needless to say we never had any plants because we could never remember to water. One spring day Julia opened her shade to find ‘Amelia’ dove sitting in the box with a nest and two eggs. Julia had a penchant for naming her stuffed animals, etc. Amelia and her mate hatched at least one or two more broods that spring. We tried not to disturb the doves. But they didn’t seem to mind David’s and Julia’s curious faces on the other side of the window glass. Somehow Amelia knew her nest was safe. Well, who knew? Early one morning a few years later, there on the roof top deck, was a family reunion of doves. I would estimate about twenty or more doves peacefully standing, sitting, roosting about on the fence, table, and chairs. It was pretty amazing to see them all just hanging out.