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Archive for December 2, 2011

Five Borough Bike Tour

Astoria Park, Queens, New York. Aside from photography, I have rediscovered the bicycle. Lisa is an avid rider and she convinced me to take a Maine bike trip. Recently I have begun to ride for fitness again. I like it because it’s better than running. It’s low impact and the scenery passes by fast enough to be interesting. It’s better than swimming because as I grow older I am not as fond of cold water. Obviously, my wife took this picture. I was born in Astoria many years ago. We had signed up for the Five Borough Bike Tour, which had legs/lengths of 25, 50, 75, or 100 miles. A century is the mark of biking, like the marathon’s 26 miles. As you can see, I was really pumped in this photo. We had been to Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge, the World Fair in Flushing, and were just about to ride over the Triborough Bridge. It all ended on the Upper Westside. My daughter saw us on the Central Park West. I had gone 96 miles and was pedaling with one leg. I surrendered to my physical limit.