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In my first and so far only trip to Africa, I was apprehensive. We would be there two weeks and were completely in the hands of a travel agent as to where to go to get the full experience. I’m the photographer in the family. My wife and daughter dabble but are not OCD. So here I would be in a photographer’s fantasy land of photo opportunities, planned by an unknown agent and accompanied by less enthusiastic photographers.

Let me preface that my family has become pretty good-natured by now. On this trip I shot more than 15,000 images. And then whittled the final 5 star images to 300. My apprehension came in the form of meeting unrealistic expectation. Would I see everything? Would I come away with the iconic images? And, with the anticipation and build up for this trip, how would I possibly be satisfied with the results.

It was akin to visiting the USA for two weeks. Could you see everything if you just hit New York, Washington, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles? What I can say in retrospect is that the experience was wonderful and unique. What I saw was different and yet the same. I saw zebras. But aside from the usual poses, I also saw unique behavior. We all had a fabulous time, one that I’m sure can’t be repeated … until the next time we visit Africa.

One response

  1. Kieran Hamilton

    Great shot, I like that it’s different from the usual nature shots that you see. I would the chance to visit Africa!

    January 18, 2012 at 11:43 am

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