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Got a dime?

Times Square. It all happens here. I have posted on the ‘naked cowboy.’ This was different. Dressed in orange and green, the official colors of the day, this young girl did not seem to have a supervising adult in sight. I wouldn’t want my kid standing there alone with a guitar case full of money. Couldn’t sing but she was cute. And she was raking in the cash.

Behind the scenes

It’s a spring day, ‘global’ warmed, but still a spring day in New York, where it has rained or even snowed on past St Patrick’s Day parades. Toward the 5 o’clock hour when the sun has gone behind the buildings, it can be downright chilly, especially if you’re confined and waiting to march.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

In front of St Patrick’s Cathedral. This parade was long! It started around 11AM and was still going at 5PM. There were too many bagpipes to count. And I understand how there are so many ‘Ancient’ Orders of Hibernians. I mean, who picks these groups and the order of marchers? I got to where my perfect vantage on 53rd Street was no longer an advantage. So off to see the wizard … kidding. In front of the cathedral … naturally. There were the church officials thanking and greeting the ‘connected’ among the marchers. I don’t recognize them. Someone may correct me. Not just politicians… it’s an old fashions meet and greet.

Redheaded Irish Kid

What says Irish more than this adorable kid? She was having a good time and waved at me as she went by. Thank you.


Marching in a parade is not marching unless you have a flag. Some have more than others. It’s not necessary to wrap yourself in the flag. But it can’t hurt.


Standing at the Rail

As I glanced across the avenue to check the spectators here’s this girl. What struck me is how she looks as though, she’s not being restrained by the barrier. I check on the spectators because they are a constant source of candids.

Marine Precision

I’m ok with the uniformed groups. The police, fire, sanitation, and even parks departments all had representative groups. Mostly they march in a gaggle loosely spaced. The same uniform makes the group cohesive but hardly disciplined. Then the military comes and is serious and precise. Well, almost precise. Hey buddy, it’s, “your right.”

Tricorner Hat

Kids are universally great subjects. This parade marcher didn’t look particularly Irish. But the costume and the expression deserve a mention. Someone told me that some of the marching groups came in from overseas. This kid looks Italian. Hey, the Vatican is there.


Patriotic. The sun wasn’t direct but reflecting from building such that the soldier was highlighted. The flag was rightfully the star. Just the right moment and the right framing.


You have got to be kidding

The following spam, junk, con, sucker… email was sent to my inbox. Yeah, shame on me for being cynical. But really??? If you have never seen/received this before… beware! I have shares of the moon for sale as well.
To: undisclosed recipients@null, null@null
Subject: Compliments of the day to you
Date: Mar 21, 2012 4:40 PM

Compliments of the day to you.
Please do not be surprised or get offended for receiving this message from me, It just that I have been obliged to lay a mere trust on you; Having searched through the internet from where I get your email address I strongly believe in my heart that you must be honest and sincere person for me to disclose my life secrets so that you will render your full help and assistance to me. I need a person of dignity and respectful and who have the fear of God in him.
May the blessing of God be upon you and grant you the wisdom and sympathy to understand my situation and how much I need your help. My full name is Amanda Yaman from Liberia in West Africa. I am single ,5ft 7 inches tall,50kg weight, black hair. I am loyal and a good companion. My hobbies include taking care of people, sharing problems with others and finding solution to the problems ,going to beach with my friends etc . I am from Monrovia-Liberia and presently i am residing in a church orphanage home here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the war that fought in my country.
My condition here is terrible; it’s just like one staying in the prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out here soon. i don’t have any relatives now whom i can go to all our relatives ran away in the middle of the war the only person i have now is (Rev. father Joseph). who is in-charge of the church Orphanage, he has been very nice to me since i came here but i am not living with him rather i’m leaving in the Females hostel in the orphanage because here they have two hostels one for the males the other for females.

However, something has been bothering me and i have kept it to myself because I am afraid to disclose it to anyone. I am afraid of betrayal, I am afraid someone might take advantage of me. I have been obliged to lay a mere trust on you due to my situation here. I pray for the blessing of God to be upon you and grant you the wisdom and sympathy to understand my situation and how much I need your help. I have been praying to God to give me A person of dignity, someone who is respectful and have the fear of God in him and who will not betray my trust and confidence.
My late father was a business man and deals on cocoa and gold when he was alive. Before his untimely death, he reviewed to me that he deposited some amount of money in a bank which he used my name as the next of kin, the amount in question is $6.7m(Six Million Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars) Actually, I decided to seek your assistance in transferring and securing this money to your account for investment purposes.
Note: What i need from you is to stand as my Trustee/Partner and establish contact with the bank to discuss the process of transferring the funds to your bank account in your country. and also to make arrangement on how i will come over to your country after the transfer and stay with you and continue my life and education.
In the light of the above, I want you to send to me your complete name and your contact address either office or home address; including your direct telephone number.
After nominating you to the bank as my Trustee/Partner, I will then give you the bank’s contact with the account information to enable you establish contact with the bank and demand for the transfer of the money to your account in your country.
I will appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely and honestly.
Awaiting your urgent and positive response. Please do keep this only to yourself and do not disclose it to anyone till i come over after the fund has been transferred.
I look forward to hear from you at your earliest convenient time
Yours Sincerely,

Black SUV

There were many black cars plying 5th Avenue before the parade. I looked inside to see who didn’t want to be seen and was surprised to see the windows rolled down slightly. There were video cameras discreetly mounted and pointing outward taking images of the crowd. Homeland Security was at work gathering crowd intel? Are they looking to see who’s Irish? And the crowd constantly changes so what will it really say to help security. No overhead police helicopters. The area is a no fly zone.


The St Patrick’s Day parade has bagpipes in all sizes and shapes, well the pipers at least. And almost every group was playing a different tune. But they all blend together in a riot of colorful kilts. I am amazed at how many folks play the instrument. No floats, no beauty queens, and no commercial advertising. The organizers control things tightly except size of the pipers.

St Patrick’s Day

Well, St Patrick’s Day is big around here. And it is largely centered on St Patrick’s Cathedral where dignitaries and high officials of the church preside over a sprawling very long parade that includes marching bands and organizations with ties to Ireland however vague. And bagpipes…. On the sidelines everyone wears green. Some folks wear more green than others. And someone tell me, what’s with the mustaches?

Roller Girl

I might be accused of stalking. I was driving cross-town to the East side to catch the Midtown tunnel to Long Island early one weekend morning. Here was this girl rollerblading along speeding faster than the traffic lights. I picked up my camera. It’s always in my bag in the passenger seat. And, I fired off one shot through the windshield. I was stopped at the light. Subconsciously I panned the camera. It produced a perfect action shot in motion. It was the only frame I had the opportunity to take. The next moment the girl sensing someone was watching, glanced back and then soon entered a building to her right. I can’t help thinking that in that instant she knew I had taken her picture and had been ‘creeped’ out by it. What I wonder is that if you don’t want your picture taken, why dress that way in public. You are sure to attract attention. Look all you want but don’t photo? I think, but can’t be certain, that I was interested in the motion and blur.

Bear Mountain

Michael was one of David’s best childhood friends. We were in Bear Mountain hiking around in the fall. Just a couple of friends spending quality time with no agenda or worries, it was a special moment.

Julia Hands

We were skiing in Vermont and staying in a rental home with three other families. I was wandering around outside on the last day just before we packed to go. Usually it the other way around as the kids would be out playing in the snow until the last moment when we have to return home in the car. Somehow, I managed to get a camera and take this shot before she turned from the window.

Wildflower Field

Here’s another find my wife brought me to see. She drives the Montauk highway often in the summer. Just a few miles from home, in a direction that I usually don’t travel, she brought me to this wonderful field of wild flowers. I gorged on feast of color. What’s interesting to me is that I passed this area every summer afterward and never saw this field in bloom again. So my question is, that if these were wildflowers, doesn’t it mean they come back every year, like it or not? Wild right?

Day Lilies Rainbow

So someone, my wife I think, was watering the day lilies. These are also native to Long Island and need very little care. You do need to occasionally supplement the rainwater. It was wonderful to have a rainbow. And one that I could reproduce! I don’t see them often enough to have an opinion on how best to shoot one. Just glad to be here…

Beach Clouds

Dune Road runs along parallel to the beach. We would ride our bikes – bicycle, not Harley Davidson, and the road would stretch infinitely from east to west. An occasional car would pass. But this is another summer memory of my adult life. By the way, the naysayers who decry photos in bright sun at noon – fie on you. No polarizer here, it’s just an impossible clear blue summer sky.

Beach Lady

There are images of summer during my adult life. We would spend a good deal of time at the beach. I sat in the shade. Or, I built sand castle after sand castle with the kids. The Atlantic water was pretty cold. Or my old bones, were accustomed to a warmer clime. This mom and her child recall those many days.

Ferris Wheel

This shot was taken in the days before digital. Now it’s hard to miss. (See post for 9/13/11.) You have auto ISO and VR and ability to instantly know you have an image. In the old days, I would shoot with my best guess. The meter couldn’t really help. You would get some ambient light and the lights of the ride. But how to balance the two light sources? Bracket your shots. I’m glad I wasn’t a professional. I took this one shot. Just one. If it came out – ok. And the blur, who could have predicted it until the film came back from developing? Yes, there are better and easier ways to insure that a good shot was taken. I’m just amazed that I got shots like this and took such a casual joy in succeeding with so little film and effort.

Central Park


In the spring for a short period, the blossoming trees are in full regalia. It only lasts for a short time until the rather plain trees take on their leafy green mantle for the summer. But for that brief time in the spring Central Park rocks.

Birthday Cake

This is one example, and not even the most creative, of the many cakes my wife has baked over the years. She has made a 3D Barbie, 3D teddy bear, 3-4 tier wedding style birthday cake, and so forth. I promise to get these pictures for her and someday I’ll actually do it. But here in this example is her take off on my daughter’s drawing. Everyone’s artistic in the family.

Vesuvio Bakery

A classic in Greenwich Village, Vesuvio Bakery has been around for as long as I have visited. It’s not too often you see the baker outside. On this day we were eating in a sidewalk café across the street. The baker came out and spoke with a woman for quite some time.