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Better Than Sliced Bread

Nikon Scan software

A technical aside – and heartfelt thank you to David Sack of http://www.saturn-films.co.uk/ – who kindly put me on to Vuescan. For anyone who currently uses a scanner to digitize old images, slides, and negatives, I encourage you to look into this software program. My other blog goes into detail: http://photocriticism.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/worth-the-price-of-admission-slide-scanning/

For many reasons this software is a tremendous find. David runs a professional scanning company for many years and currently uses a very similar setup of software and scanner, which I use. The software is reliable and fast. My Nikon scanner would jam and balk. It was fairly slow to scan an image about every 2-3 minutes. I am getting very acceptable scans in about 1 minute with quite reasonable color comparable to the original. The infrared filter is ignoring dust and scratches as well as the Nikon software. No jamming! All in all – it’s been great.

Vuescan software