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Patriot’s Day 2008

Don’t put your face too close. This is a shot from 2008. I close this series with a reminder. The spark and smoke will blind and sting. Many of the soldiers turned their heads and closed their eyes. I guess there was indeed an art to hitting the target. When you are shooting game you try for one shot. Otherwise your potential dinner is gone. You do have to reload in order to get a second shot. It means that you didn’t shoot dinner each and every time. The animals at least had a chance.

I got this shot and a few others like this through sheer good luck. I had no idea about the schedule and the events. I was pretty much in the right place a few times by coincidence. The reenactment was about the same this year. It still didn’t help that I had been here once before. The schedule was only approximate. Overall it was good fun to see these actors working so hard.