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Rainbow Hilton

Kona, Hawaii, the ‘big island’ as it’s called, is the biggest of the Hawaiian islands. Surprised? The Hawaiians also pronounce every letter. Did you know that? Try it. They really do sound every letter. Kona is a big game fish center. Each day at the dock toward dusk, all the boats return with the days catch to be weighed and then stuffed as trophies. They caught some big fish in those days. One might think that all the big fish have been caught by now. But it’s a big ocean.  I’m talking 500 pounds of marlin. It’s big. I once caught one of 80 pounds and 6 feet length. It was catch and release. That’s another story.

Anyway back to this picture. We visited in 1984. Standing on the dock at about 4PM I could look across to the Rainbow Hilton. Yup, they called it that name. Why, you ask? Ah! Because of the rainbow that’s there. Everyday at about this time, it rains. And, standing on the dock, you get a great rainbow that lands right on the Hilton. Pretty neat trick if you ask me. You can also get a full rainbow, but this picture makes the point. Neat isn’t it?