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Archive for June 6, 2012

Bear Mountain

I had an annual tradition with my kids. Unfortunately they grew up and no longer go with me. But we would take a trip to Bear Mountain to see the leaves change in the fall season. My wife wouldn’t go saying that it was bonding with the kids. Who knows? Maybe they think so. She was right about them not going any more … and that they would grow up.

But I would pick a weekend and the kids would pick a friend and off we’d go. Weather played a role but we had to go because the event was scheduled and game must be played whatever the weather. This made for a few rainy trips. How wet? Well the other mothers never knew how wet we got. And their kids and mine had a great time. On this particular trip we could have used a boat. Soaked! Everyone had a splendid time. It was a film camera, slide film, and wet. I never did let a little rain keep me from shooting. We got a great set of memories… at least I did.