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Ski Bob

At one point my brother owned a powerboat. We went up the Hudson River near West Point. He called it ‘ski Bob’ and it was a banana type floatation device that you rode behind the boat. This was the only time we did this. The kids climbed on board and we towed them at high speed. To their credit they stayed on the ski Bob and didn’t fall. I had a little concern for pollution. GE had been cleaning PCB’s from the river somewhere up here. But no real harm was in play. It’s another time and memory, which I didn’t know we would never revisit. As I have said elsewhere, it’s not the best of pictures, but it’s a precious anchor for a cherished memory. We all had a great time that day.

One response

  1. Looks like a beautiful spot with the trees just starting to change.

    June 28, 2012 at 7:03 am

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