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Brain Bucket

This is my PA Don. We’ve worked together for about 24 years. As with all things brain, folks have a fascination with the head and it’s precious contents. So someone gave him a bicycle helmet with a brain decal. As you can see it’s called a brain bucket. The actual truth is that if you fall hard enough this bit of Styrofoam will not save you. A colleague was found by the roadside and had sustained a career ending subdural hematoma. In my opinion the helmet is better than nothing at all but a serious concussion will still be a problem no matter what you wear.

One response

  1. I guess the helmet is to be funny, but it it is a little spooky to me. I cannot imagine, like you said, any helmet being completely protective. But I would still wear one though, just not with a brain graphic.

    June 29, 2012 at 9:37 am

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