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Archive for July 21, 2012

Spotted Ray

This would be a ray in the class of flat fish. And after further casual search online, it would be a spotted ray. Duh? We found this guy under a rock. Ha! And since I have seen rays on National Geographic special, I knew the general class. But colorful and with spots, that was special.  He didn’t flee. So I was able to get a few shots. Unlike a zoo that has everything all neatly labeled, a coral reef is always full of surprises. This is the only time so far that I have seen a ray.

By the way, my dive instruction has gotten me to the point of advanced open water diver. Mainly that means I have been down to 40 meters and not panicked from nitrogen narcosis. To commemorate the event I took a self portrait with my camera. Having the strap in my right hand I simply shot the image upside down rather than switch hands. On the surface my dive master accused me of confusion. But it wasn’t narcosis, just my usual crazy way of doing things. Upside down comes right side up easily enough in Photoshop.