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Direction of the hair

I’m still excited about diving so I’ll keep posting another day or so here on this blog. Then I continue on ImagedEvent (see sidebar). I shot this image upside down, because the camera was strapped to my right wrist. For now I’m shooting wide angle and letting the camera do its ‘auto’ thing. I hold it and very roughly compose. I shot this poor image to commemorate my deepest dive yet, which is required for advanced open water qualification. We were down at 40 meters. That’s more than 100 feet. I learned: 1. There’s light (albeit monotone). 2. It doesn’t feel much different than 20 feet. 3. I didn’t get nitrogen narcosis. Having done it, I probably won’t be at this depth very often. If I compare it to flying in a helicopter, judging depth is a challenge. You go up and down and really don’t realize the change except for the pressure in your ear as you descend in deeper water. Of course you don’t want to be deep for longer than allowed by the dive calculations, which is why it’s important to know what the limits of safety are.