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David shot this self portrait in the mirror on the stairway leading from the fifth to sixth floor of our apartment. I had always moved about every two years changing homes, apartments, or dorms until I was in my twenties. My father and mother were pursuing the American dream of homeownership, better job opportunity, etc. I secretly suspected that Dad was a bank robber and we had to move periodically because… My family, wife and kids have lived in the same apartment in Manhattan all of their lives together with me. So to compensate for my wandering gene, Lisa has periodically renovated. In this instance we were about to undergo the biggest change in my kid’s lives. The entire apartment would be gut renovated above while we lived below with a makeshift kitchen and living space. David went around the apartment snapping shots of memories. It’s funny, because I didn’t to it also. We haven’t looked at the pictures since. But I keep this David self portrait as the memory.