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Archive for October 5, 2012


Ok, I’m diverging from winter back to 100 degree weather and the warm Red Sea in Saudi Arabia. I’m blogging dive photos for the next days. I have so many shots recently. So I decided to spread them over my three blogs. This one is a different fish than I have seen on the reef. Perhaps if you swim around in neon yellow, you are essentially asking a big fish to dinner. I guess that’s why there aren’t many like him swimming about. It’s been particularly nice on the learning curve for me to get an occasional shot like this. I will tell you that very few shots by percentage are keepers. I estimate we’re at about 40 feet. This was from last week’s dive. Today I get to try out spiffy new equipment. I finally put down the money and got my own. So it’s kind of like going from rental skiis to new ones with real edges. And I have a real dive computer to record depth and all that neat data.