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Archive for November 2, 2012

Bear Mountain Dock


When my kids were little we would go up to Bear Mountain in the fall to see the leaves. I don’t think the kids much cared about the leaves as much as it was an opportunity to run around the woods by the lake. I went for the photo ops. This dock was off the highway and was always there waiting for me to take a shot. Some years were better than others. There’s some luck in getting there at the right time. Mostly I would go about the time of the second game of the World Series. A lot of years after the kids got too old to want to go, I would pass by on my own and continue to visit this site and take a couple shots. As luck would have it, I came across this old slide today. Yesterday I called David and he asked for directions to Bear Mountain. He and his friend Mike were planning to go. David would take Sarah his current girlfriend. So, a new tradition is starting. I had taken both boys up a number of times to hang by the lake. And now they are doing it on their own. I’m glad they remember it as fondly as I do.