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First Bikes


Some people save things. When you live in an apartment, you don’t. Or at least we don’t. I would but since I’m not really the boss, you understand. So when the kids were a bit too tall for their first two wheelers, it was time to donate to Salvation Army. Sentimental that I am, I tried to advocate to save them and the answer was that when the kids had their own kids they would want to buy the grandkids a bike that they chose. Is that convoluted or what? Well, I think my wife’s correct again. Instead I have to settle for the memory. The kids didn’t seem to be having any separation problem. My wife made two trips with the bikes. I couldn’t do it. On the second a couple guys asked her and she donated the second bike to them for their kids. She then went back to Salvation Army to get the first bike back but they wouldn’t let her have it to give away. Go figure.