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2386 08 David Julia Victor Nellie

I always insist on taking at least two shots of any group… more if they will tolerate me. It’s because someone always blinks…  A blink is measured in thousandths of a second. So how is it that my wife got us all blinking simultaneously? It’s a skill. She won’t stay still to take more than a couple shots. So that’s what you get.2386 09 David Julia Victor Nellie


Cornfield Maze

2386 22 JuliaIn the fall we would go pumpkin picking. You get the right one because carving was another project for Halloween. And out on Long Island there was usually a corn maze set up to try to go through. Along the way you got ears of corn and threw the kernels at one another when you could find them. Yeah, that was a fond memory also.2386 17 David corn field

David Pete Bill

2389 35 Bill David Pete

Here’s David with his Grandpa Bill and Uncle Pete. (They don’t much use the term grand uncle.) It’s Thanksgiving and dinner is about to be served. It’s interesting. Bill and Pete don’t do kitchen duty…no cooking and no dishes and certainly never at the holiday. All the ladies are not at all annoyed. I do cooking and clean up. It’s how I was raised. If your mother wants to survive three sons, the boys help or they don’t eat. The funny thing is that when I was on my own for the first time, I found out that I could cook and never knew it. By the time you know all about prep work, the only thing left is to throw the food into the pan and cook it. Ha! Cooking lessons and I didn’t even know it. So much to my surprise David called from Argentina and inquired how to roast a turkey. David didn’t like to eat turkey much less had he ever been in the kitchen to roast one or to cook anything else (so I thought). He got instructions from his mom (I could only laugh). We next heard he needed instructions on how to light his stove. Ha ha. But it was the fact that the oven had no thermostat that really killed the deal. David made dinner for about 30 people and pulled it all together. No one got food poisoning! I can only say that this was a pretty impressive achievement. He had a little leeway. They like to eat near midnight in Argentina.2389 36 David Bill Pete


2392 18 David Julia

Another thought on raking leaves as an activity is presented here. Those high piles were great to hide in or to jump upon. We got kind of elaborate. The kids started by simply winding up and running into the pile. Then they jumped from the fence. Naturally the big ladder was a grand idea. And finally they began jumping from the tree. Yeah, it was a crazy family activity. Nellie, our dog could attest to the crazy things humans sometimes do.2390 37 Julia David Lisa

Yeah, that's mom. You never would've believed it.

Yeah, that’s mom. You never would’ve believed it.

Fall Leaves

2392 29 Julia David Nellie leaves

We had another family activity – raking leaves. The kids were little and they borrowed rakes while we stayed at an inn in the Berkshires. When we had leaves to rake in the autumn on Long Island, the kids would wait till the time was right. Large piles would be made. Once they made a hideout.2392 25 Julia David leaves

2390 25 Julia David hideoutHey! It was all fun. Eventually we had to haul away all the leaves. But for a few days a year it was great fun.

Hug Your Daughter

2394 29 Julia Victor hug

Yes, even daughters grow up and they don’t lie there and hug you any more. Well, a little, but mostly it’s just a moment. Thankfully with the internet and cellphones it’s not too hard to stay in touch, but we don’t. Still, it’s better than waiting for a letter. I can only say that I hugged my kids a lot.

Merry Christmas

2402 09 Julia David Steven Chris AndrewIn response to Happy Anniversary, my wife responded, “Are you really?” Well I suppose I am at least feeling merry. I wish a good holiday to all and happy new year. While there are many people who don’t celebrate Xmas, i didn’t realize that much of the world doesn’t have the same new year. And there are those unique holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. I also know that it is near impossible to stage a family photo. The old folks hate how they look in pictures. The kids never sit still. The fact that you have anything at all on film is just pure luck. So, don’t sweat it. And leave out the old people. I don’t even care if you blink. Happy and safe holidays to all.

Who’s the Silly One

2394 33 Julia Nellie faceSo I happened to have my camera out. Or I would never have gotten this shot. Ha ha! It made me smile instantly. When you think that Nellie is clueless as to what Julia is making a face about, I wonder who’s the intelligent one. As far as Nellie is concerned, if I put up with this unusual human behavior, is there any food in it for me?

Mother and Son

2395 13 David Lisa

Kids grow up fast and time passes in a blink. It’s all too brief a time when you get to hug your kids. Then they grow up and you shake hands and hug briefly. It’s not like you can sit and hold them like you had all the time in the world. I guess that’s why they invented grandchildren.

Xmas Party

2393 06 Don Pat Fran Elise Ginny

A tradition in my office was the Xmas party. Mostly we don’t get many keepers among the photos. Alcohol can make your hand shake. But this one is sentimental. This group is my OR nurses and Don. Boy, everyone looked so young. It’s only a few years gone by. Well, more like 15 years. How time passes fast. Just like everyone else, a lot has happened since this picture. Lives, fortune, hopes, and dreams have all changed.