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Archive for December 4, 2012

Ski Powder


I learned to ski as an adult. My kids learned to ski when they could barely walk. Last winter we skied together for the first time in about ten years. They are better than me. At least I wasn’t about to go down K27 at Hunter and they did. It was icy and had hard moguls the size of ‘Volkswagens.’ Get it? We never really did have much chance to ski in powder. Occasionally out ‘West’ you would find some powder. The problem was that we were so used to ice, that it was really hard to figure out what to do with soft snow. But we never hesitated to go off trail. Dumb but fun, the kids spent so much time rolling in the snow, that when we skied together recently they mentioned that they felt so much warmer. I reminded them that they were still dry for a change. And me, I still ski with a camera. At least there is video in the camera so I don’t have to carry two devices. David shot with his iPhone and uploaded to the ‘cloud’ on the mountain, so his shots were open on his laptop by the time he got home. That’s too cool.