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Flutag – December 13, 2012


Yes, it actually just happened. For the purposes of a blog you can’t show several hundred shots. There isn’t enough interest. But I can make this post in each of my blogs. So one post in two blogs with two pictures – tortured logic, huh? Flutag – I saw the ad in a website and then have seen flyers and posters and signs all over. There was a fair crowd. There were a lot of people and so there were a lot of cars. Everyone drives, nobody walks so there were way too many cars. The crowd is very polite even though they crowd a lot. My buddy Farid’s brother is handling the account for Red Bull from Dubai. So! We got VIP tickets! What’s it mean? We were right up front, with an excellent view, no crowding, and all the Red Bull you could drink. I had some. To be honest, it didn’t make me nuts. Free food – dilemma – too busy shooting pictures!

Flutag? The object is to build a machine, which will fly. It’s a bunch of sane people thinking they can fly in an event where everyone is pretty much going swimming. I did notice that it’s largely corporate sponsored – McD, Crispy Crème, and KFC. It’s to get visibility for your product?. I guess I should mention Red Bull is the main sponsor. The crowd didn’t mind. In a country where everyone is so private, this was a rare event in which folks let their hair down. Women and men mixed elbow to elbow. Of course in the hot afternoon sun, women stlll wore their abayas. There were great photo ops. I shot crowd, people, candids, and the event. It’s the first time I got to really shoot an event since coming to Jeddah. Hopefully, I’ll notice more things in the future. It remains a problem for me to get around. But that should be less of a problem in the coming months._DSC9040