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Old Photos


My cousin David sent photos that he took from his dad’s (my uncle’s) collection. He was able to pick out some people and I admire him for his keen eye. I probably would have been lost in trying to identify my mother (right) and his mom. On my mother’s side there were seven siblings. The youngest three were girls and my mom and aunt (in this photos) were the youngest and closest. First of all, I don’t have any idea why they were dressed as men. It led to all sorts of speculation among the first cousins who had access to this photo and only could now wonder. It was a shot from the ‘40’s? Nonetheless, it was a puzzling photo and there is no sign of any humor. It looks as though this was a serious shot and not a costume dress-up affair. There are very few early photos. First of all there was the issue of someone making the photos. Then there was World War II. My mother’s family was completely scattered by the war. So many things happened. I have not seen these pictures until they were shared last year. I think along the lines of all the pictures that I have taken by comparison. It is a sure bet that many of the crowd (family and friends) pictures will have lost identities of those who are in them. There were other later  shots (70’s) very much like that example. I was in them but don’t know who some of the other family/friends who were in the same shot. And the cousins couldn’t help with the ID either. Dad_Album_01_020_d