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Archive for February 17, 2013

New Orleans

2005 04 9637 St muscian

I had a major computer crash a week or so ago. It means I’m still sorting through old photos. So in the interim, I’ve gone back to what is available. My originals are intact but the edits and sorts are all confused. Anyway, I’ve been wondering what kind of photographer I’ve become. I am accomplished in the technical aspects. In terms of composition and style, I am all over the map. I do street photography, sports, travel, people, candids, family, and landscape. And if there’s anything to photograph, I will take a shot. Oh, and medical photography has been a must since I give talks and lectures constantly. It gets easier and easier with better point and shoot digital. I have this in mind because I was considering what to post lately and it’s not exactly predictable.

Anyway, New Orleans, I’m walking into the French Quarter. It’s a right turn off the main street and you’re in. As soon as you turn, it’s funky right away. So here is a photo montage of folks who I would be hard pressed to ever gather into a single photo. It’s an instant, camera to the eye, shoot, and walk on all in the blink of an eye. At the time I was still film/slide and so hit and run photos were a little more tricky. But this shot sits there and I always wonder what?