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Archive for March 19, 2013

Private Party/Banquet/Residence/Museum


The Jeddah Spine Summit was a grand success thanks to the hard work and planning of Farid. You really need to watch every single detail and he did it. The opening banquet was held in a museum in Jeddah. It was a big social event for the folks at the hospital, and many departments other than orthopedics were on hand. Neurosurgery was represented. The place was one where virtually everyone knew about it but had never been to visit. It’s kind of like visiting the Empire State Building for a New Yorker. The place is huge and is privately owned. A collector/owner has gathered art and collectables of Middle East life into  a huge compound and four story building which ranges from costumes and jewelry to weapons and art. There are some interesting items of junk as well. But overall it is a fantastic collection of contemporary life. Since it is really not curated, everything is pretty confusing. It was, however, very very impressive. I’ll probably not see this again.