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My clinic is in the middle of the hospital in a room with fluorescent lighting and no windows. I’d call it a prison cell; there is a locked door. But they tell me it’s not a prison as long as you can open the door yourself. One of our patients was late, he was caught in the ‘terrible’ sand storm. I was impressed. I immediately imagined ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ with blinding swirling wind and sand obscuring the landscape and making it possible for marauding bands of bandits to have their way. Too much…. Around here it doesn’t blot out the sun and the light of day remains. It’s just a bit cloudy, windy, and looks more like haze or fog to me. Ah yes the sand blows up to your doorstep. Therein lies the annoyance. They take a hose and wash the marble stoop. The water washes under the door and on into your villa and you have a sandy floor to wash and sweep. Why not just let the sand blow away again?IMG_9348