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I showed this case to an orthopedic professor from Texas while he visited us. The first thing he said is that, ‘I don’t do worms.’ Then he sat. It‘s the case of an elderly man from Morocco who was becoming paralyzed. They operated in Morocco and saved his walking but now his bowel and bladder function was deteriorating. No treatment had been given after the surgery. I found tumor in the bottom of his spine, in the muscle to the side of his spine, and in his pelvic bone. And worse, in reading about this particular worm, it had a tendency to spread when you opened the cysts and the cyst fluid was highly irritating to the surrounding tissues. I started him on anti-worm drugs and then cast about for a surgical opinion. The next time the patient returned his wife patted me appreciatively on the arm. My assistant translated that she was telling that the patient was much better. He could stand and had better bowel and bladder control. Ok! I’ll take it! He still has a spinal sac full of worms and his spine is likely to collapse. And we haven’t nearly begun to treat the infection with enough medication. But anytime you are in the plus column – take it.