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Have I mentioned that every culture seems to have a dumpling or equivalent thereof? Perhaps there is an Indian cuisine influence in Jeddah. But the samosa is a popular food here. I first saw this in great abundance during Ramadan last year. In my wandering up and down the aisles of the super market, I chanced upon the frozen dough section. You can get puff pastry and phyllo dough. And there are spring roll and egg roll skins. So I decided to experiment with samosa skins. First off, they are frozen. Defrost and then you find they are brittle, tend to dry out, and they are very greasy. Folding up the triangles takes a bit of skill. At the ends there are holes. So deep frying is going to get oil inside. With all the grease in the dough, the samosas fry up dry in my non-stick pan. I just don’t put the usual meat or cheese and use a mix meant for wontons. But there are no wonton skins around. And, what pray tell, do I do with puff pastry? I have never really come across puff pastry too much in NY. So now what? Sweet or savory? My imagination will have to bring me to the internet unless someone tells me a good suggestion.

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